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Supergen Flexible Funding Call: Biomass to bio-based products

The Supergen Bioenergy Hub works with academia, industry, government, and societal stakeholders to develop sustainable biomass and bioenergy systems that support the UK’s transition to an affordable, resilient, low-carbon future.

As the hub enjoys funding from both EPSRC and BBSRC we particularly encourage proposals that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and address one or more of the following thematic areas:

  • Innovative processes for conversion of biomass into bio-based chemicals and materials.
  • Development of biorefinery processes or integration of biomass conversion technologies with existing industrial systems.
  • Evaluation of the economic viability and scalability of biomass-based production processes, considering factors such as feedstock availability, production costs, and market demand.
  • Evaluation and optimisation of the sustainability and environmental impacts of bio[1]based chemicals and materials and their production at scale.
  • Optimisation of biomass to chemicals process efficiency, to enhance resource utilisation throughout the value chain.

Projects can request up to £50,000 funding and are expected to show additional funding leverage of £50,000 in cash or in kind. Find out more information and apply at the Supergen Hub Funding Page. Closing date for submissions is 30th June 2024