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A BBSRC-funded network that promotes collaborations between industry and academia.

This Durham, Kent and Manchester Universities-led network is one of six phase II BBSRC NIBB, announced in November 2018 and has the following objectives:

The Network brings together scientific communities working on metals in biology to accelerate research relevant to industrial biotechnology and bioenergy. Almost a half of the reactions of life are catalysed by metals. This means that a large proportion of bio-industries depend directly, or indirectly, on the catalytic activities of metals in proteins. Academic members work with biomanufacturing and bioenergy sectors to enhance metalloenzyme activities to generate new products and increase the profitability and sustainability of existing products. Company members work with academia to valorise metal-contaminated wastes, bio-remediating and bio-recovering metals in valuable forms – an important contribution to a sustainable circular economy. Download our flyer here.

Membership is open and free throughout the duration of the network. You can join the Network by completing a membership form here.

You can also access the beta-version of a metalation calculator here with some further details on the resources pages.


Business Interaction Vouchers (call 8; up to £10k per award) *NEW*

Early career researcher conference travel fund  (call 2; up to £1.5k)

Early career researcher fellowship planning visit fund (up to £2k)

Collaboration-building workshop fund (up to £5k)

Covid-19 funding call – no closing date. We will fast track support (via BIV and PoC funding) for industrial biotechnology related to Covid-19 that is within our scope, for example using biometal nanoparticles in diagnostics. Sustainable processes to support future preparedness would also be in scope. Contact us ASAP at [email protected] to express interest. More details here.


Thursday 2 and Friday 3 December 2021:
New Topics in Mineralogy 2: The mineral-microbe interface through time and space
Online two day meeting, focusing on the importance of the mineral-microbe interface with presentations from international leaders in the field. For full information click here.

Wednesday 12 January 2022 09:30 UK time:
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility – Warwick University
Claudia Blindauer will illustrate uses of solution-state NMR for the study of metalloproteins, especially highlighting bespoke metal-related NMR methods, and Trent Franks will introduce the Warwick solid state NMR facility.

Tuesday 15 February 2022 09:30 UK time:
An Introduction to Innovate UK/UKRI Funding – Paul Bello, Innovation Lead & Associate NCP Industrial Biotechnology

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