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9th International Symposium on Metallomics

June 17–21st 2024; Bush House, London

“An event that will shape the future of metallomics research.” Explore the roles of metals in groundbreaking scientific discovery, bridging disciplines and sectors to promote real solutions to complex human and environmental issues.

The theme for ISM9 is sustainability, addressing how we can have a sustainable research impact through breaking scientific and cultural silos, whilst engaging a wider community to support meaningful and directed collaborations in this evolving field. Three overarching tracks for metals in human health, environmental health & sustainability, and interface topics will facilitate rich discussions for new horizons in metallomics research among academic and clinical researchers, industry, and the commercial sectors.

The themes of ISM9 are: Sustainability and Regeneration, Human HealthEnvironmental Health and Emerging Enabling Technologies. Gain valuable insights into the critical relationship between metals and human health, from population-level impacts to the development of cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics. Discover the intricate natural cycles of metals, their impact on ecosystems, and sustainable solutions, and explore the latest transformative technologies shaping the future of metallomics research.

More details and registration are on the conference website.