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Oxford Biotrans is a spin-out from the University of Oxford that produces and researches high-value chemicals using enzyme technology. The company’s first product is natural-grade nootkatone made by biotransformation of natural valancene. The company has collaborated on three E3B-funded projects. Below you can find case studies of completed projects and testimonials from the company.

Case studies
Metallo-enzymes for production of nootkatol a potential new citrus flavour
Improving biocatalytic processes by enzyme stability enhancement
Adding value to biocatalytic hydroxylation products for synthesis and drug discovery

“This research program contributed to the scale-up of nootkatone (grapefruit flavour) synthesis, leading to commercial launches in Europe and Asia”.

“We were pleased to see such encouraging results from the project, both in terms of the whole-cell bioconversions and the subsequent derivatisation of the metabolites.

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