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Microbiome Strategic Roadmap

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Microbiome Innovation Network is proud to launch the Microbiome Strategic Roadmap.

The Microbiome Strategic Roadmap reviews the landscape of microbiome science and innovation within the UK. With this strategic document, we hope to raise the visibility of the UK’s world leading microbiome science and enable translation of this science to benefit academic institutions, start-ups, SMEs and larger established companies.

What does the report cover?

Through this collaborative effort, 12 common themes and priorities have revealed themselves across sectors:

  1. Foster a “Microbiome Centres of Excellence” approach
  2. Create Microbiome Research & Innovation Collaboration Networks
  3. Encourage Microbiome entrepreneurship, seed funding, regulatory and intellectual property rights support
  4. Ensure support for and access to emerging, enabling technology
  5. Establish Microbiome research standards
  6. Develop “Next Generation” bio-banking
  7. Harness the potential for new and rapid diagnostics
  8. Invest in Microbiome process development and pilot-scale manufacturing
  9. Promote a supportive regulatory environment
  10. Improve Microbiome education, skills, and talent pipeline
  11. Prioritise support for specific opportunities where the UK has a distinct advantage
  12. Increase strategic funding for Microbiome Research and Innovation