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EBnet: conference and bursaries

Conference: The Environmental Biotechnology Network (EBnet) has an upcoming ECR conference for early career researchers (ECR) in Edinburgh, 30 Aug – 1 Sept 2023.

There will be presentations and posters, opportunities to network across disciplines and a chance to explore the wider world of environmental biotechnology. This years’ theme is “I am an Environmental Biotechnologist”

Participants benefit from an entirely free conference, including 2 nights’ accommodation, a welcome drinks reception and an evening dinner. There are also pre-approved travel bursaries available to all our UK-based ECR members.

Share with a peer (SWAP) travel bursaries: It can be hugely useful to see how other labs work – as much for the little details as for the headline analyses and methods. If you want to swap ideas on set-ups and solutions, EBnet can offer up to £250 towards accommodation, meals, and travel per person for each 1/2-day trip. All it asks in return is that you take the time to make a short video clip &/or pictures suitable for our website. SWAP bursary details.

Upcoming webinars: March 16th, Bioelectrochemical Development for Environmental Technology and LCA for Biotechnology Problems: targeted fundamental methodology. See Events.